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Defender: Top Down Shooter Template

Now available in Unreal Marketplace:
Defender: Top Down Shooter Template in Blueprints - UE Marketplace 1

Defender is a top-down shooter template with advanced enemy AI, delayed HP Bar, ragdoll, loot system, multi-message feature and much more!

Defender is a top-down shooter template where you can use well-designed components to develop your games more easily. You can make your dream top-down shooter game in no time!
  • %100 Blueprint and well commented

  • Educational blueprint design with a lot of examples

  • Component-based design. You can use in-game components to any games you want.

  • Event-driven system to optimize logic. No need to make heavy casting operations between blueprints.

  • Adaptive camera blueprint.

  • Enemy AI with behaviour trees.

  • Loot component to spawn user-defined specific or random loots

  • Delayed Hp Bar component to show hp with a lazy hp bar. Add to any actor to have a health bar in just a few clicks.

  • Multi-message feature to show multiple in-game messages efficiently.

  • Ragdoll component to easily simulate physics in skeletal meshes.

  • You can add inventory component to equip a character with weapons, ammo, grenades, medkits, etc.

  • Weapon component to easily control the main character and enemy characters’ weapons.

  • A project where years of game developer experience are transferred.

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